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Tarot Readings

When I do your reading I will give you all of the information I get from my psychic senses, as well as the information I get from the Tarot cards. I use the Tarot because I find them to be very effective tools for increasing the accuracy of my readings. Being accurate is important to me, because I feel that when I am doing a reading for someone I am holding that person's life in my hands. I am very honest, with a strong sense of personal integrity. I will not judge you; I am only here to be of service to you. When I do a reading for you, I may ask you for your full birth date (m/d/yr), and the birth dates of anyone else we might be talking about. So it's a good idea for you to have all that information when we start your reading. Don't worry if you don't know the full birth date of someone else, or if you don't even know their birth date at all, because my psychic abilities are very strong and I will still be able to give you a very true and accurate reading. I am very good at assisting you in understanding your relationship. I can also assist you with any other matter in your life - personal or business.

If you feel at all drawn to me, trust your intuition and sign up for a reading with me. I am here to be of assistance to you. Many of my clients have told me they feel so much better after a reading with me, and that I have helped them more in 1 session than months of sessions with their psychologist. I look forward to meeting you in our reading, and to doing good work for you!

About the Readings

Tarot Card Readings

Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Email

I do my readings using Instant Messenger programs. (Currently booked).

If IM readings are booked, I can do an email reading for you. Just send me 3 questions you want answered.

EVERYTHING you talk to me about - whether it is through email, or by IM, will be held in the strictest of confidence. All of your affairs and interests will remain private, and no one will ever know you have contacted me.

Ordering a Tarot Reading

30 Minute Reading - Booked


45 Minute Reading - Booked


60 Minute Reading - Booked


3 Question Email Reading


Scheduling Your Tarot Reading

Email me

After you've placed your request through PayPal, please email me at with your name and transaction number, and I will write you back to set up a time that is good for us to chat.

If you've ordered an email reading, also send me your three questions, and the email address you want the responses sent to. I will get back to your questions as soon as I can. Usually this is within 1-3 days.




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